Kinetic Recovery Snatch Rope, For Off-Roading/4x4, Etc.

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The Best Trail Insurance You Can Buy

Offroading Gear Recovery Ropes are your ultimate trail insurance. Built from space grade double braided nylon and constructed with ultimate elasticity, our ropes are your best bet to get your vehicle un-stuck your next time out.

Suitable for All Vehicles

Whether you have a Jeep, Truck, SUV, or ATV, we have a rope for you. Refer to the sizing chart below to pick the best size rope for your vehicle and situation.

  • INCREDIBLE BREAKING STRENGTH - Made from heavy-duty double braid nylon, this high-stretch recovery rope is built to withstand the toughest situations.
  • RECOVER OR TOW MOST TYPES OF VEHICLES- Ideal for use for recovering vehicles of all sizes and types including jeeps, trucks, SUVs, cars, ATVs and more. Can be used in a variety of situations including mud, sand, and snow. This Offroading Gear recovery rope is priceless trail insurance.
  • SUGGESTED SIZING: 3/4" & 7/8" ropes recommended for jeeps, medium sized SUVs, ATVs/UTVs, and smaller trucks; 1-1/4" recommended for full size trucks and large SUVs
  • ABRASION-RESISTANT COATED EYELETS & STRESS REDUCING NYLON- Increase the life of your rope by reducing friction when recovering vehicles with the heavy-duty coated eyelets. All of our ropes are built from high stretch nylon and elongate up to 30% under load reducing jerking and stress on either vehicle.
  • FREE HEAVY DUTY & EXTRA LARGE STORAGE BAG ($25 value) - Easily store your rope in this extra large bag with lots of room for other accessories as well.

This Offroading Gear™ Kinetec Recovery Rope is one of the strongest recovery ropes you will find. Made at the same factory responsible for sending men into space, this recovery rope will get nearly any vehicle out of a bind and is also great for towing vehicles (see below for sizing recommendations). It has been engineered for safety and ease. It's ideal for recovering vehicles while offroading but it's just as good for on-road situations like recovering vehicles stuck in the snow. In can be used reliably and securely in a variety of situations including at the farm, hunting, offroading, ATVing, and more. It performs flawlessly in countless conditions including mud, sand, and snow.

Our kinetic recovery ropes are two to three times stronger than traditional recovery straps and reduce the stress placed on both vehicles when being recovered. When being used, the Offroading Gear™ Recovery Rope releases extra power from the stored up kinetic energy making recovery easy and stress-free. The coated eyelets increase the life of your rope by reducing friction while the rope is being used. The soft double braided nylon is easy on the hands and has no danger of metal splinters like when using chains or wire cable.

Each Offroading Gear™ Kinetec Recovery Rope comes with a free heavy duty and extra large Offroading Gear™ storage bag ($25 value) that will easily accommodate both your recovery rope and other accessories.

Recommended Sizes

3/4": Breaking Strength: 19,000 lbs. Recommended for Cars, smaller 4x4 Trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs
7/8": Breaking Strength: 28,6000 lbs. Recommended for Cars, smaller 4x4 Trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs
1-1/4". Breaking Strength: 52,6000 lbs. Recommended for full size trucks, large SUVs, and most other high-load vehicle covery situations

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