Ambassadors & Clubs

Do you run a 4x4 club or association? 

We're always happy to have our gear used and abused from 4x4 enthusiasts.

Here's how our donations to clubs work:

  • We will donate up to $100 of gear for recognized clubs and associations. You must email us/message us from a recognized club website or social media page.
  • We only accept requests from club managers, not individual members.
  • Your club must have an active website or a social media following of 500 or more followers to be considered.
  • We ask that you provide us at least 3-5 high quality photographs and, ideally, 1 video that we can use for our social media pages
  • We also ask that you link back to us from our club's website or social media page.
  • Only available to clubs in the United States (lower 48) and Canada
  • Clubs will purchase at full price and be refunded upon submission of media and/or link from club's website/social media.

Making a Request

Please email us to or message us through our Facebook page and include the following information:

  • The requested item(s) from Offroading Gear
  • The date of your event
  • Links to your website and/or social media pages

Brand Ambassadors & Content Creators

Do you have a TikTok, YouTube or Instagram page with over 2500 followers in the outdoors community?

Are you an iPhone camera guru or SLR pro? 

If so, we want pictures of your adventures with your vehicle.

Here's the requirements:

  • Must have a TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram page in the outdoor space with 2500 or more followers OR a photography/video portfolio
  • Ambassadors & content creators will receive complimentary gear. Ambassadors and content creators will purchase at full price and receive a full refund of their purchase after approval and submission of content. Approved content is typically 2-3 high-quality photographs/videos of you and your gear in the outdoors.


Please email us to or message us through our Facebook page and include the following information:

  • A link to your social media profile(s) and/or portfolios
  • The requested item(s) from Trekway/Offroading Gear