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At Offroading Gear, we make vehicle camping products to make your next adventure your best trip ever.

Born in the coastal rainforest of Vancouver, British Columbia we're driven to build vehicle camping products as cool and rugged as our Canadian winters. Our innovative and unique products are built for everyone from the hardcore off-roader to the weekend warrior who camps only once or twice a year.

I accidentally discovered car camping over twenty years ago when four friends and I went on a long-planned camping trip accompanied by a traditional ground tent.

A typical British Columbia rain storm struck and by 2 AM of the first night, our camping trip ended with five young men crammed into the back of a 1993 Ford Tempo.

While we stayed dry and warm that night, I knew there must be options for camping in your vehicle. Fast forward to 2016, and Offroading Gear was born.

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At Offroading Gear, we know that many people only get the chance to go on a camping trip once or twice a year, and making the most of those rare opportunities is critical.

That's why, whenever possible, we aim to make our products multipurpose so that you can use them both at the campsite and away.

It's better for your wallet and it's better for the environment that way.

You only have one life and your vehicle only has four wheels.

Get out and make the most of them both.

Dave Bryant