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steel cable, synthetic rope -

What's better for your winch: wire cable or synthetic rope? Over the last decade or or two, synthetic rope has overtaken wire cable as the overwhelmingly most popular type of line for winches on vehicles. While synthetic rope has many advantages over wire cable, it does not mean that it's better in all regards. What Are the Pros and Cons of Wire Cable? Using wire cable on your winch has many positives and negatives. Here's a quick summary of the pros and cons of wire cable. Pros More durable It can be brushed against sharp surface (i.e. rocks)without being compromised...

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ATV Tires, Picking ATV Tires -

What Type? All-terrain or trail Snow or mud Racing Sand What Size? “The rule of thumb in the aftermarket world is that you can go 1 inch up or down or 1 inch narrower or wider,” says Greving. “So if your vehicle has 25-inch-tall tires on it, you can most likely go up to a 26-inch-tall tire.”  Bias or Radial? Radial tire is quickly becoming the standard. Sidewalls Look at the lugs. If lugs come all the way down the side, it offers more grit and protection to your sidewall. Some sidewalls also have a rim guard, keeping it from getting...

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SUV Awning -

What is a Roof Rack Awning? A Roof Rack Awning is an awning that mounts on to the roof rack on almost any vehicle that has a roof rack. They're most commonly used on SUVs but also used on trucks, jeeps, and cars.  A Roof Rack Awning is normally used for camping. If you're camping, the awning extends out from 6' to 8' (depending on the model) from your vehicle and gives you a covered area to stay dry during the rain and cool during the sun. Most campers have at some point constructed a village of 'blue tarps' hanging...

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