2"x30' Nylon Snatch Strap, 20,000 Breaking Strength

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  • RECOVER YOUR VEHICLE EASILY AND SAFELY – Offroading Gear Kinetec Snatch Straps are made from 100% Heavy-Duty Nylon with 20% genuine stretch and reinforced double-stitched loops: the exact same construction as much more expensive competitors. Each snatch strap has a 20,000-lb rated capacity. These straps won’t break on you when you need them.
  • FOR TRUCKS/JEEPS/SUVS/ATVs/EQUIPMENT/ETC - Great in a variety of recovery situations and mud tested and proven.
  • HEAVY-DUTY - 20,000 lbs Rated Capacity and UV/Rot/Mildew resistant means these straps will last.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT & EXTRA LONG - 20’ Long and 2” Wide– Long enough to recover or pull in almost any situation yet small and compact enough to store easily. Includes carrying bag ($9.99 value) great for your strap and other accessories.
  • 1-YEAR GUARANTEE – We warrant your strap for 1 year from the time of purchase. In the highly unlikely event it breaks or fails, we’ll replace it free of charge.

kinetic snatch strap

Recover your vehicle with ease and safety!

These premium Offroading Gear Kinetic Snatch Straps are built from 100% heavy-duty nylon with 20% genuine stretch. Each strap features double-stitched webbing with a double looped design. They are built to get you out of nearly any situation especially in mud and other tough recovery situations. This 20’ strap features 20,000-lb breaking strength and is extra long to ensure a safe amount of distance between vehicles when being recovered.

Offroading Gear Recovery straps are invaluable in a number of recovery situations including recovering almost any vehicle like trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. These straps are as versatile as they are durable.

Each strap is UV, Rot, and Mildew Resistant meaning these straps will last. Each strap includes an extra-large carrying bag ($9.99 value) that is great for stowing your strap but with ample room for other accessories.

Offroading Gear guarantees your strap will not break or fail during use. In the highly unlikely even that it does, we will replace it free of charge. Limited to the first tow not exceeding the recommended working limit. One replacement per purchase.

Warning: Due to the high amount of energy stored in Offroading Gear Snatch Straps, ensure that people are at least 1.5x the non-stretched length of the strap away from the point of recovery. Always use a recovery dampener when using any snatch strap.


Length: 20'
Width: 2"
Breaking Strength: 20,000 lbs
Color: High-visibility Yellow


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