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This Offroading Gear™ Kinetic Recovery Rope is one of the strongest recovery ropes you will find. Made at the same factory responsible for sending men into space, this recovery rope will get nearly any vehicle out of a bind and is also great for towing vehicles

Go With the Nuclear Option

The next time you get stuck, go with the nuclear option. Go with an atomic rope from Offroading Gear.

Offroading Gear’s atomic recovery ropes have been built with our very own unique space grade kinetic nylon to get even the most stuck vehicles unstuck.

Our nanoscientists located in Vancouver British Columbia worked tirelessly to design a synthetic fiber that elongates up to 25% to provide the kinetic energy to get your vehicle out of trouble.

Atomic ropes are great for vehicles stuck in mud, sand, snow, and more.

28,600 lbs Breaking Strength - Great for Trucks, SUVs, & Jeeps.

Abrasion-resistant eyelets and stress reducing nylon.

Free nuclear storage bag for easy transport and storage.

Great for recovery in snow, mud, sand, and more.

Easily attaches to any vehicle.

Perfect for Off-roading, on-roading, around the house, farms, and more.


Each rope radiates a green reflective glow for high visibility, day or night. And it just looks cool.


Made from heavy-duty double braid nylon, this high-stretch recovery snatch rope is built to withstand the toughest situations.


Includes a free nuclear storage bag for easy transport and storage of this highly powerful piece of offroading equipment.


Robert Z.  - September 8, 2019

".Just get it. Don't hesitate, buy this now. I purchased this as an extension to a tow strap that I already had. As luck would have it, a week after I received it I found myself door deep in mud the consistency of peanut butter. Another vehicle had to "jerk" me out of the hole. This strap allowed the tow strap to stretch and take the sudden jarring out of the equation, no crazy sudden stresses on the frame, tow hitch or rear ends of either vehicle. Even the guys on the ground watching said it was the best recovery strap they have seen. Can't recommend highly enough."

Jack R.  - 15 SEP 2018,

"I've needed a "snatch-rope" for my Jeep for over a year, but kept being put off by the appearance of the products in my local 4x4 shops. I ran across this during a generic product search for "jeep recovery". The photos looked nice, the specs looked pretty good, but man-o-man what a price!!! Let me tell you - the photos do not do this rope justice! It's a snatch-rope, but it's gorgeous! I have yet to snatch with it, but I did a prestretch using my jeep and a concrete loading dock, and it went back to the original size! Seriously, this thing looks so amazing it's almost a shame to stash it away in my recovery bag in the back of the Jeep!"

Adam A.  -  15 November 2019

"Just received my recovery rope! Holy cow this thing is awesome! The bag it came in is fantastic and huge! The rope will definitely get some use in a few weeks when my friends and I go to Gladwin MI for the 6th annual jeep creep! I'm definitely gonna be able to fit my tree saver and gloves and shackles in that bag with room to spare! Awesome product guys!"