Towing Kit, w/ Hitch Receiver/D-Shackles/Towing Strap/Gloves

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  • ULTIMATE TOWING KIT: This premium 7-piece complete towing kit has everything you need to help tow a vehicle including a 10,000 lbs capacity hitch receiver, two D-Shackles, a Polyester Tow Strap, Gloves, Headlamp, and a convenient carrying case.
  • PEACE OF MIND: This kit is priceless insurance for any vehicle including cars, 4x4s, SUVs, trucks, any other smaller trail and farm vehicles. The convenient carry case allows you to store it easily and discretely in almost any vehicle.
  • 30’x3” POLYESTER TOWING STRAP, 30,000 LBS: Incudes a high-capacity 30,000 lbs polyester towing strap.
  • 10,000 LBS HITCH RECEIVER & TWO 4.75T D-SHACKLES: Incudes a 2-Inch Hitch Receiver (standard on most North American vehicles) made from heavy duty powder coated steel capable of pulling nearly any vehicle. Each kit also includes two 4.75 3/4” D-Shackles with silicone rings made from drop-forged carbon steel.
  • INCLUDES BONUS GLOVES, HEADLAMP, & CARRYING CASE ($40 VALUE): This kit includes two non-skid gloves to protect your hands during recovery, an LED headlamp to help in low-light situations, and a carrying bag to keep you organized and store everything in one easy to access location.
The Ultimate Emergency Towing Kit

This massive 7-piece towing kit from Offroading Gear includes everything you need for your next vehicle recovery and towing situation. Whether you’re using it on the road or off-road it has everything you need. It’s the ultimate insurance and peace of mind for your vehicle. Whether you’re towing larger vehicles or smaller vehicles, this heavy duty towing kit is perfect for nearly any situation and includes well over $200 in gear. This kit includes:

  • Hitch Receiver, 10,000 lbs capacity
  • 30’x3” Polyester Towing Strap, 30,000 lbs Minimum Breaking Strength
  • Two Powder Coated 4.75T D-Shackles with Isolators
  • High Output LED Headlamp
  • Gloves
  • Carrying case

Hitch Receiver – Fits Most North American Vehicles
Each kit includes a 2” hitch receiver that fits most North American receivers. Simply insert the hitch receiver into the receiver, attach the pin and you’re good to go.

30,000 lbs Capacity Towing Strap
Each kit comes with a 30,000 lbs breaking strength towing strap that is suitable to tow even the heaviest of vehicles. Made of heavy duty polyester with protective sleeves on each end. It is water resistant and built to withstand even the harshest conditions.

TWO 4.75T ¾” D-Shackles
Each kit comes with TWO 4.75T 3/4" D-Shackles which can be quickly and easily attached to the tow strap and hitch receiver. There are isolators on each shackle to reduce rattle and noise while in use.

LED Headlamp
Each kit comes with a high-output headlamp to help you during night time tows and recoveries.

Each kit also comes with a pair of gloves to keep your hands safe and clean while in use and to also help for traction when towing in wet conditions.

Carrying Bag
Each kit comes with a heavy duty polyester towing bag to store all of the items in this kit. The carrying bag makes transport from one location to another a breeze and ensures all of your equipment is one easy to access place when you need it.








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