How to Pick ATV Tires: Picking a Type, Size, and More

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How to Pick ATV Tires: Picking a Type, Size, and More

What Type?

  • All-terrain or trail
  • Snow or mud
  • Racing
  • Sand

What Size?

“The rule of thumb in the aftermarket world is that you can go 1 inch up or down or 1 inch narrower or wider,” says Greving. “So if your vehicle has 25-inch-tall tires on it, you can most likely go up to a 26-inch-tall tire.” 

Bias or Radial?

Radial tire is quickly becoming the standard.


Look at the lugs. If lugs come all the way down the side, it offers more grit and protection to your sidewall. Some sidewalls also have a rim guard, keeping it from getting dinged and also keeping it from sand and grit.

What PSI?

In the ATV and UTV world you have the max PSI rating. Just simply check the sticker or plackard for the recommended PSI for the front or the rear.

What Ply?

Ply ratings are a measurement of the load capacity and strength of your tire. Ply ratings range from 2 (very thin, sand tires) all the way up to 12 (very thick and durable). Stars on the side of your tire represent ply. Each star represents 2 plys. So 4 stars represents 8 plys. 

What's the Load Capacity?

What Tread Depth?